Surrey Association wins Essex Trophy 2023

Surrey Association wins Essex Trophy 2023 🏆

By Paul Flavell

Paul Flavell receiving the Essex Trophy on behalf of the Surrey Association winning team 🏆

The striking competition for teams from the Home Counties was judged by John and Stephanie Warboys from the St Martins Guild, Birmingham and held at St Mary’s Walthamstow on the hottest day of the year! (Saturday 9 September 2023). After a welcome from the Rev Vanessa, Rector at Walthamstow and Andrew Kelso, Master of the Essex Association, Stephanie and John made remarks on the ringing in general and then commented on each team in the order that they rang.

We were lucky to be drawn first at 10.00am before the belfry became too hot! We had practised the test piece of Grandsire Caters on similar weight bells quite a few times and this paid off as we quickly got to grips with Walthamstow bells and rang the whole 14 minute test piece without any mistakes. Essential said the judges to keep a clean sheet as they had penalised other teams for method mistakes and trips. They said we set a really good standard for the competition. The little bells were particularly praised for controlled ringing which was maintained through the test piece. There was stiff competition from very good teams so we were absolutely delighted to win the Essex Trophy for the first time since 2006.

All our ringers travelled to Walthamstow by public transport so James White from Fleet has kindly agreed to bring the large Essex Trophy to Kingston tomorrow. We will share it out between our Surrey towers over the 12 months.

My thanks to all the ringers who took part in the squad and in the competition, well done all.  


1st    Surrey Association            82%
2nd    Winchester and Portsmouth    80%
3rd    Kent County Association        74%
4th    Essex Association            72%
5th    Guildford D Guild            70%
6th    Middlesex                65%

The winning band! (Front row – Left to right; then back row right to left as listed)

Surrey Association Team
1    Caroline Prescott
2    Shirley McGill
3    Anne Rueff
4    Sheila Cheesman
5    Chris Ridley
6    Fraser Storie
7    Paul Flavell (cond)
8    Jeremy Cheesman
9    Noel Gibbin
10  Phillip Ridley

The Essex Trophy