Notable performances

Peal BoardsThere have been a number of notable performances rung on the bells.

The first recorded peal was of 5339 Grandsire Caters on 23 June 1782 in 3hrs 48m by the College Youths.

Since then over 200 peals have been rung in the tower, including a few long lengths.

7001 “Gransire Cators” was rung on 10 March 1801, and this was followed 2 years later by 10386 “Gransire Cators” on 27 January 1803.

A peal of 6029, again “Gransire Cators” was rung on 10 January 1844.

In more recent times, 10560 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus was rung on 28 May 1984. Not only was this the longest peal on the bells, also it was rung by an all women’s band, members of the Cumberland Youths. For many years it stood as the record peal of Yorkshire Maximus, but was exceeded by a peal of 11088 at South Petherton in September, 2004.

All performances at Kingston can be found on The Ringing World’s BellBoard.