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Ringing on 20th May

I have booked for 12 people at Strada, as it’s not at all clear to me who is & isn’t coming!  Hopefully it will be around 12 of us – there are 12 names on the board, I  know not all are intending to eat and Adrian & Alison are coming as well.

We also agreed ringing would start at 7 pm so there’s plenty of time to ring the bells up then down again so hope to see lots of people for ringing.  It’s a special service involving churchwardens from around the area .

Best wishes,


Door Bell

Dear Kingston Ringers

At last our door bell has been fixed and is now working.  A new bell push has been fitted just slightly to the left of where the old one was, where there is now a hole.  Where it was originally fitted it was getting squished every time the door was opened and this broke the push.  We tested it last night and it is working fine.

Best wishes